Who We Are

Co-founders Jena Schmidt, Jonathan Frioux, and Richard Ricketts created Roux Arts in 2023 with the vision of reigniting a wider passion for personalized spaces designed around art.

Jonathan and Jena began their friendship in art school and eventually married, sharing a love for travel and their individual art practices. Growing up with mothers who were interior designers, they inherited a perceptive awareness of design and an understanding of what makes a space feel inspiring and authentic. As working artists, they collectively have twenty-five years of experience in networking, selling, and exhibiting their work across the United States.

While collaborating on Richard Ricketts’ private art collection for his offices and home, Richard recognized this unique world that Jonathan and Jena had opened him up to. In the process Richard saw a business.

Jonathan Frioux obtained his BFA in studio arts from Brigham Young University and a MFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design. For the last seven years, he has worked as a full-time artist. Prior to this, he was faculty at Brigham Young University and Weber State University. Jonathan brings with him a wealth of experience collaborating with artists and designers to create or curate distinctive works.

Jena Schmidt received her BFA in painting from Brigham Young University in 2011. Working with galleries, designers and assisting professional artists, Jena has over thirteen years of experience in the commercial field which gives her an understanding of how to select artwork that resonates with her clients' vision.

Richard is a passionate and innovative leader who loves creating products and services that have the potential to change people's lives. As a successful entrepreneur, he enjoys using his skills and expertise to help others build the companies of their dreams.

In his free time, Richard enjoys spending time with his family, driving one of his beloved cars, or relaxing on a golf course.

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