Welcome to Roux Arts

Welcome to Roux Arts, a contemporary haven where art transcends traditional boundaries and ignites the imagination. At the core of our vibrant community, we are dedicated to showcasing a diverse tapestry of artistic expressions from emerging talents and established masters alike. Our mission is to enrich lives through the power of art, fostering a dynamic dialogue between artists and art enthusiasts. We envision a future where Roux Arts is not just a gallery, but a beacon of cultural enrichment and innovation, continuously evolving to bring the transformative beauty of art to every corner of society. Join us in this journey of discovery and be part of a world where art is an accessible, shared experience that connects and inspires.

who we are

Our Story

Roux Arts began as a bold vision in the minds of a small group of art enthusiasts and has since blossomed into a renowned art institution. From its humble beginnings in a quaint downtown studio, Roux Arts has evolved, marking its journey with significant milestones and achievements. Over the years, we've expanded our gallery space, hosted numerous high-profile exhibitions, and fostered relationships with a wide array of artists and collectors. Key achievements include our acclaimed annual international art fair, numerous community outreach programs, and partnerships with local schools to promote art education. Each step in our history reflects our commitment to celebrating and nurturing artistic talent, making Roux Arts a respected name in the art world and a cherished destination for art lovers everywhere.

Unique Philosophy

Our Team

Our team is the heartbeat of our gallery, comprising a diverse group of individuals united by a shared passion for art. Leading the team is our CEO, Jonathan Frioux, a visionary with a keen eye for emerging trends and a deep respect for classical art forms. He is supported by Jenna Schmidt, our Chief Creative Officer, known for her innovative approach to exhibition design and her ability to unearth hidden gems in the art world. Together, they embody Roux Arts' philosophy of fostering a dynamic, inclusive, and nurturing environment, where art is not just displayed but is an active, living dialogue between artists, the gallery, and the community.

About Us

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Our Artists

We take pride in representing a kaleidoscope of artistic talent, each artist bringing their unique voice and vision to our gallery. Our roster includes acclaimed painters like Elena Vasquez, whose vibrant landscapes fuse realism with surrealism, and Jamal Robinson, an abstract expressionist known for his emotionally charged color palettes. Sculptor Maya Lin's minimalist forms contrast strikingly with Leo Torres' intricate kinetic sculptures. Photographer Aisha Chen captures haunting urban scenes, while digital artist Tomás Herrera pushes boundaries with his immersive installations. This diversity extends not just to their styles but their backgrounds, with artists hailing from different corners of the globe, each with a story to tell. We invite you to explore their individual profiles and galleries on our website, where their stunning collections are just a click away, offering a window into their unique artistic worlds.