Designer Resources

We’ve created this company with designers in mind. We are educators and art advisors offering art advisory, context, and background information for each piece. Your experience and satisfaction with the entire process of searching, purchasing, delivering the work is extremely important to us.

Here Are The Tools We Offer

  • A unique network of seasoned and emerging artists we work with to help you find or commission the right piece. It can be a very rewarding process to support local, working artists as they create and share the important stories of our time.

  • Narrowed search options by artist, size, medium and other categories as our newly established collection grows. If we don’t have what you need listed, we can work together to find the right artist and piece for your space.

  • Personalized shipping process with hands-on, quality controlled packaging and delivery.

  • A limited print collection of each piece is coming in the next phase of our website development as an affordable but high quality alternative to buying original pieces. 

  • In-house design services with personalized discussions and recommendations for your vision. A fun component of this will be creating educational content such as videos and articles with tips to help familiarize you and your client with nuanced topics in art and design.