Art by Jonathan Frioux

Using a myriad of approaches, palettes, forms and influences I have created various bodies of art. They're all unified by the fundamental goal to invite new ways of seeing the landscape.

In the series ‘Ocean Stacks’ clouds and ocean-like shapes are endlessly reconfigured, flitting and flickering across the picture plane. Gauzy painterly strokes are juxtaposed with those that are solidified and bold. All are linked by their quality of motion along with an artistic play between light, color, scale and space. Within this mystery, a poetic sphere is formed to conjure up themes of the environment, travel, spirituality and art history. 

Inspired by over a dozen road trips to the Baja coast, The ‘Wave’ series sets out to explore a different type of space in the popular genre of representational ocean landscape painting. Alongside a set of ‘surfers journals’ I’ve zoomed into the crashing waves to find a variety of curving forms and dazzling bits of light. With some refrain from bright blue, I've taken a set of liberal palettes to the raising wave faces. Vegetation often joins the foreground of the scene to further the spatial quandary and to bring mystique. All this done in devotion for our coastal bound spirits.